My company is located in the beautiful YiFen southwest, convenient transportation of the Binhe garden Taiyuan Shanxi.

My Company is a independent legal import and export enterprises, was founded in February 2010, the registered capital of 1.1 million yuan.Main business is in the export  glassware, products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, southeast Asia and other international markets, annual exports of more than $1,000,000.

General manager is responsible for the whole company's overall operations, management comprehensive work;One sales manager, responsible for export business activities of the company as a whole, grasp the cost of sales and sales profit, participate in major business negotiation;Financial personnel 1, responsible for the company's daily financial revenues and expenditures, exchange settlement, payment, tax refund, etc;Export agent 4, make full use of the company e-commerce platform and the exhibition will, answer the single, documentary, export of complete process;A documentation specialist, be responsible for the export documents, cancel after verification, etc;Factory inspector 2, in the factory, responsible for open mold proofing, tracking production, product quality, packaging and printing, safe delivery;From each according to his ability, according to all employees.

And development this year and is producing two large customer orders, TOTOTA, kmart Australia and Norway, through to the quality of subtle service to customers, and constantly improve the level of our business and product quality.At the same time we also plans to introduce and implement in this year's trade fair our brand construction, thus can faster, better improve our pace of development in this industry.